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Insurance Claims Assistance in Greater Oklahoma City

Tiles flooring water damage

Floods, burst pipes, and toilet overflow can sometimes leave a terrible aftermath that can be expensive to fix. However, if you have a comprehensive homeowners insurance plan, then the disaster won’t financially burden you. Be that as it may, trying to file a water damage insurance claim the moment the water catastrophe has subsided is a difficult task. Because if you make a mistake while filing your claim, you won’t receive the aid you need.

Homeowners who’ve encountered a terrible water disaster have the hardest time filing an insurance claim. After all, it’s difficult to concentrate and accurately submit a claim when your home’s in shambles. Luckily, there are restoration companies offering water damage insurance claims assistance, to make the task easier.  If you’re looking for a restoration company that can help you with your insurance claim, contact Advanced Restoration pronto. We’re dedicated to restoring your property to better conditions as quickly as possible.

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Advanced Restoration is at Your Service

Advanced Restoration is at Your Service Advanced Restoration is at Your Service

Advanced Restoration will do everything we can to ensure that your insurance provider will receive a complete and properly filled out insurance claim. The moment we arrive at your location, our damage restoration specialist will assess the damage your property has sustained. Our specialist will also perform the following to support the details of your claim:

  • Determine what water disaster caused the disaster
  • Document the scene and property loss by taking photographs, videos, etc.
  • Take note of the damaged items
  • Review your current insurance policies with you
  • Work with your insurance company adjuster to negotiate and estimate for the repairs and restorations
Basement Flooding

Once the claim is sent an approved, we can continue helping you by providing you with excellent water damage restoration services. We can handle all kinds of water-related catastrophes. These include:

Advanced Restoration’s Emergency Services are available 24/7, so feel free to contact us at any time. When you need our help, just give us a call at 405-276-4542 and we’ll be on our way. We serve properties in the greater Oklahoma City area.