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Storm Damage Insurance Claims in Greater Oklahoma City Area

Storm Damage Insurance Claims in Greater Oklahoma City

Filing an insurance claim immediately after a storm has devastated your property is one of the most challenging situations you can encounter. Since the incident is still fresh in your mind, you’re probably not in the right state to correctly evaluate and fill out your claim. However, you know that you need to properly file a claim to receive the assistance and resources you need to restore your property.

At times like these, you can trust Advanced Restoration to help you ease your burden. We are a full-service restoration company that knows exactly how to take care of you and your storm-damaged property.

How We Help You File a Claim

Advanced Restoration knows that time is of the essence when it comes to filing a claim. Many insurance providers limit your time to file an insurance claim, so delaying yours isn’t recommended. When you ask us for help, we’ll take the necessary steps to help prove your claim. We’ll also assist you in evaluating your policies to know exactly what possible claim you can file and what it covers.

The moment we arrive on your property, we’ll conduct the following procedures to start supporting your claim:

    Storm hitting your area in Greater Oklahoma City Area
  • Assess the storm damage
  • Record the date of the storm
  • Indicate the signs of damage that can be seen from the ground
  • Take pictures and/or video documentation of the damage
  • Search for news stories of the storm hitting your area to correctly document the event

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Advanced Restoration Is Here to Make It Easier for You

Filing an insurance claim also allows you to contact reputable restoration contractors who will inspect and fully restore your property. If you’re looking for a trustworthy name to help with restoration, look no further than Advanced Restoration. Our storm damage restoration service offers fast, complete and reliable restoration procedures that will lift your property from the storm disaster in no time. We’ll also work with your insurance company to assist you in negotiating the best settlements, so we can immediately start the repair process.

We can Also Help You during Tornadoes

Our insurance claim assistance and restoration service are also available for properties that encounter tornado damage. We know how frequently tornadoes strike the areas of Oklahoma, so we’re prepared to relieve you from any level of stress and property damage. With Advanced Restoration handling the challenging tasks, you’ll worry less and focus on the important things like checking in with your loved ones after the disaster.

Contact Advanced Restoration today at 405-276-4542 for a free inspection and estimate. All of our services are available to properties in the Greater Oklahoma City area.