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Water Damage and Commercial Restoration for Schools in Greater Oklahoma City area

Just like any other building or property, a school campus is just as vulnerable to water and flooding damage that usually follows after extreme weather or a natural disaster. Not only can water damage ruin the structure of a school but it also creates a hazardous environment for students if not taken care of properly and thoroughly within 24 to 48 hours.

If your Greater Oklahoma City school has experienced a storm that has inflicted massive water and flooding damage, do not hesitate to get at professional restoration company, like us at Advanced Restoration Services. Contact us today and take advantage of our restoration experience and expertise in commercial water damage restoration and clean up, as well as restoring assets and properties damaged by flooding. We also offer restoration services for damages caused by fire, storms and flooding.

What Water Damage does to Schools and Campuses

Water damage doesn’t just mean having puddles of water everywhere and mopping it up. It means structural weaknesses, potential health risks, and contents being compromised by moisture getting where it shouldn’t be able to. If your school has recently suffered a storm or recent flooding, check everywhere for the following signs of water damage:

  • Musty smells and odors. Floodwater is host to many bacteria and other contaminants, giving it and everything it touches a rank and musty odor. This odor can hang around for a long period of time even after the water has long since been removed or cleaned away, which can be off-putting to students or instructors/teachers.
  • Destruction of assets and equipment. Flooding exposes dry goods, assets, and equipment to moisture, which could render them useless. In a school, this can mean the destruction of assets such as books, computers, projectors, furniture and other educational materials. Obviously, this is a huge setback for a school, in terms of the education of its students as well as its finances.

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  • Food and water contamination. As floodwater is full of contaminants and bacteria, having your school’s water and food supply exposed to it can result in serious health complications being spread around the students and staff.
  • Mold development. Flooding spreads moisture everywhere in a property, especially in hard to reach areas and corners. Moisture in these areas creates an ideal development ground for mildew and mold, which can cause a host of health problems in students and staff.
  • Fire and electric hazards. Floodwater can also create fire and electrical hazards around the school, especially if power outlets and exposed wiring gets submerged. Pools of water can electrocute anyone who steps on them, while a short circuit caused by water exposure can trigger an electrical fire.

Contact Advanced Restoration for Commercial Water Damage Restoration

In the event of flooding in a school or campus, minimizing water damage comes after student safety in terms of priority. Once students have been evacuated, do the following:

  • Alert maintenance staff and have them help contain the water damage.
  • Turn off the power to reduce the risk of electrocution and electrical fires.
  • Identify the water source and shut it off if flooding is not caused by natural events
  • Contact a professional water damage restoration service to address the situation and get things back to normal.

Contact us at Advanced Restoration Services by calling 405-276-4542 to get your school or campus in the Greater Oklahoma City area restored to its rightful condition.