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How to Prevent Water Heater Leaks and Overflow

A leaking or overflowing water heater can create a huge dent in your savings since this often results in flooding and extensive damage to floors. This is a common problem that can actually be prevented by taking preventative measures. All you need to do is follow these measures and have a maintenance plan in place to prevent any leaking and overflow from ever occurring.

Knowing Your Water Heater’s Capabilities

Knowing Your Water Heater’s Capabilities

A water heater usually has a lifespan of 8 to 15 years, however, to ensure that your water heater stays in tip-top condition, a water heater maintenance plan is needed in order to keep it running efficiently and prevent water heater leaks and overflow damage.

A good maintenance plan for preventing water heater leaks and overflows involves routine check-ups every few months to years. Check your pressure and temperature valve for problems twice a year. You should also check your anode rod every couple of years or so for deterioration. Another thing you should consider doing every three months or so is to flush out a quart of water from your storage tank to help prevent the possibility of overflows.

Also worth considering, in order to prevent flooring water damage from a leaking or overflowing water heater, is to install an automatic water shut-off valve. What this does is it shuts off your water supply when it detects any water under your water heater.

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