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How To Prevent Burst Water Pipes in Your Home

One of the biggest catastrophes that can happen to your plumbing system is a burst water pipe. Not only does this problem lead to severe property damage, but it can also put you at a higher risk of encountering the following disasters:

Burst pipe
  • Indoor flooding
  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Water contamination
  • Infiltration of water-loving insects, vermin, and bacteria

As such, it’s in your best interest to avoid creating this problem at all costs. Luckily, this is pretty easy to do.

Here are a few things you can do to prevent a burst water pipe from happening on your property:

Allow a Couple of Faucets to Drip during Winter

You’re most likely to encounter a burst pipe during winter. In this season, your pipes can get cold, causing the water inside them to freeze. When there’s a blockage in the system, the pipes will expand and burst. Allowing a couple of faucets to drip will let the water flow continuously, making it less likely to freeze.

Leave the Trap Door to the Roof Space Open

If you have a trap door that leads to the roof space, it’s wise to keep it open during extremely cold weather. Doing so will let hot air keep unlagged water tanks and pipes warm.

Insulate or Lag Pipes

Another great way to keep your plumbing system from getting frozen is wrapping the pipes with insulation or lags. These materials will help keep them warm, lowering the risk of the pipes from getting too cold.

Know Where Your Tap or Stop Valve Is

Knowing where this device is located will help you minimize the damage if ever a burst pipe ensues on your property. You should also learn how to turn it off in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

If the Pipe Bursts, Call a Professional

Burst pipe

In the event that your water pipes burst, your best solution is to call your local plumber for help. A burst pipe is something you can’t handle on your own, but you can help minimize the damage by turning your water supply off. Once the experts arrive, they’ll assess your situation and apply the necessary repairs to restore your home back to its pre-loss condition.

Preventing a burst water pipe isn’t so hard, especially when these tips are pretty straightforward and easy to execute. However, you need to hire the professionals for help if it suddenly occurs on your property.

That’s why, if you need a company who can help you rise from this disaster, contact Advanced Restoration. Our company has been offering top-notch water damage restoration services to residents in greater Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and we have the experience to deal with your burst pipe. Just give us a call at 405-276-4542 and we’ll be on our way.