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A frozen water pipe ripped open because of water pressure

Frozen Pipe Repair in the Greater Oklahoma City Area

Water pipes can burst due to the tremendous pressure that can build up inside them. Pipes that freeze over during the winter season are in danger of getting ripped open. It can be a significant problem for people living in areas where snow and blizzards are a way of life during the cold months. If you have not taken significant steps to insulate your water pipes or if your water supply infrastructure is in need of repair, these problems can occur anytime.

Other factors that contribute to water pipes bursting

Clogging, corrosion, and calcium buildup are also common culprits that cause blockade inside pipes. If you live in an older home, there is a bigger chance that your aging water pipes could be disintegrating and blocking the water flow, causing pressure to build up.

Another factor that can contribute to the bursting of a water pipe is invasion by the roots of trees and plants around a property. As these flora search for water or moisture, their roots could end up surrounding a water pipe, eventually causing it to rupture, just like what happens to concrete when invasive roots take over.

We repair burst and frozen water pipes in Oklahoma City & Tulsa

Advanced Restoration is prepared to deal with any type of burst water pipe accident. Our experienced restoration professionals have years of experience under their belts and use the most up-to-date implements and equipment to help you efficiently address the problem you are facing.

Getting immediate professional remediation in the event of a frozen or burst water pipe accident is essential if a residential or commercial property owner is to prevent further loss. Several hundred gallons of water could be wasted every day if a broken water pipe is not remedied quickly. Water damage can also significantly harm your home by promoting mold growth and causing rot to develop.

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Advanced Restoration can expertly repair pipes that have burst and can also install the necessary insulation material that will keep your pipes from freezing. Call us now at 405-276-4542 to learn more about what we can do to take care of your broken water pipe situation. We offer 24/7 emergency response services for clients in need of immediate assistance.