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What to Do If Your House Is Damaged from a Tornado

After storm damage house in Greater Oklahoma City Area

Seeing a tornado ravage your property is a terrifying sight, but you can’t let fear consume you when you’re facing the aftermath. Once the tornado has run its course, then the difficult part begins. You need to be ready to recover from the disaster by keeping a strong presence of mind. A lot of tornado victims make the mistake of worrying or panicking too much after severe weather and can't help but wonder what to do next. To ensure that you don’t end up in the same fate, remember the following guidelines, so you have a better chance at fully recovering after a tornado:

Safety is Your Number One Priority

You must remember to remain calm. Working with a clear head and a responsive body makes things much easier for you. Once you’ve collected yourself, gather your family members and remain in a safe area. Staying safe has to be your number one priority, so look for a location that’s free of clutter and debris.

Call for Emergency Medical Assistance

It’s possible that you or someone you know could get injured during the catastrophe. If the injuries and wounds are minor, administer first aid. If you’re licensed or trained to perform CPR, do whatever you can to help tornado victims who may have stopped breathing. However, if the victim is severely injured or is buried under your home, don’t attempt to move the victim and call for help. Moving the victim in her/his delicate state could potentially make her/his injuries worse. In this situation, let professional medical personnel take care of the victim. They’re trained to properly remove severely injured individuals out of harm’s way and bring them immediately to emergency care.

Report the Damage to Your Insurance Provider

Contacting your insurance provider right after the tornado has passed gives you enough time to file an insurance claim. Many insurance companies give their clients a limited time to file a claim, so don’t wait until the last minute to call your insurance agency. During your conversation with your provider, you need to be prepared to discuss the extent of the damage you’ve suffered. You’ll also have to ask the following questions to ensure that you’re getting the right coverage and assistance:

  • Is someone going to come and inspect the damage?
  • Do I need to provide any documentation or proof of the damage and the tornado?
  • When will they follow up with me?

Reporting your situation clearly gives you a higher chance of knowing exactly which claim you can file and what it covers.

Keep Away for Hazards and Stay Away From Your Property

Returning to your dilapidated home even when the tornado is long gone is never a good idea. Even when you’re speaking to your insurance provider, it’s best not to re-enter your home to inspect the damage. Your property is riddled with hazards that can electrocute, collapse, and injure you without any warning. You can return to your property when professional restoration contractors tell you it’s safe to enter.

Have Your Home Professionally Restored

Restoring your devastated property to its pre-damaged condition is challenging. You know very well that you can’t handle this task alone, especially when there is a lot of damage and debris to clean up. Hiring a professional restoration contractor to handle the calamity makes things easier for you. The experts are well-equipped and trained to restore any level of damage, as well as improve the condition of your home the moment it’s restored. You can also add your local restoration company to your emergency contact list, enabling them to quickly respond to your call whenever you encounter a disaster.

With these guidelines in mind, you and your family shouldn't have a difficult time recovering from a tornado. Being prepared for all kinds of disasters puts you at a position that has fewer risks and hazards.

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